One driver’s license, one car

In 2008, 955,189 passenger cars and trucks were registered in Hawaii – excluding buses, freight, and exempt vehicles (Department of Motor Vehicles, Summary of Registered Vehicles, 2008). That’s almost 3 cars or trucks for every 4 people in Hawaii.

We have too many cars, too much traffic, and too little parking. Our city buses, zipper lanes, carpools, and vanpools can’t keep up with our demand to get around – and park when we get there. What more can we do?

One idea is to apply a one-car allowance per driver’s license (for individuals), or two-car allowance per household (for family members residing at the same street address). Of course, this allowance would not apply to businesses and government agencies.

There would be a 60-day grace period for people selling or trading-in their vehicles.

This isn’t a ban on additional cars. You could have as many cars as you want– as long as you can afford the higher registration fee, at triple or even quadruple the regular rate. And there would be a big fine if you misrepresent your address.

If we could reduce the number of cars in Hawaii, we could fix our roads, encourage carpooling, cut down on traffic, get rid of clunker cars, and make parking a little easier to find.

My aunt and I came up with this idea months ago. She doesn’t drive and she uses the city buses to get around. We think it’s a reasonable solution – what do you think?

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