“Defining Conservatism” by Jonathan Krohn

Jonathan Krohn is a hard-working 14-year old columnist, speaker, political analyst, and champion of conservatism. In his first book, “Defining Conservatism” (2010), he discusses the basic ideas of conservatism that can be agreed upon by all conservatives, so that they can take a stand against government expansionism, or the idea that individuals should rely on government.

Krohn identifies the four basic tenets of conservatism:

1. Respect for the US Constitution and the rule of law.
2. Respect for life as a natural, inherent, and inalienable right.
3. An insistence on government in its most limited format.
4. Personal responsibility and accountability for your actions.

In five concise, philosophical sections, Krohn examines the political theory behind government expansionism, the philosophy behind strict judicial constructionism, the universal right to life, and the balance of individual rights and government.

He points out that it is necessary for the private and public sectors to work together to create a sound economy and a good society, and concludes that government’s role is to protect the rights of individual, not help individuals.

Krohn distills conservative principles down to short, easy-to-read chapters. He avoids personal attacks against politicians, using them only to point out expansionist thought. It is a mature, reasonable, and passionate argument for conservatism, one that encourages everyone to examine their political beliefs.

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