Everyday recycling

Today, people are focused on being green, eating (or wearing) organic, and recycling. I thought I’d remind everyone that recycling is more than dropping cans, bottles, and paper into the recycling bin.

We can re-use or re-purpose everyday household items. Here are some of my favorite ideas, ones that I really use (or know someone who does):

Bottle caps: Make children’s crafts (7 caps for a flower; various caps for animals and buildings).

Egg cartons (Styrofoam or paper): Make children’s crafts (1×1 for a spider; 3×1 for a caterpillar; 2×4 for a dragon, with 1×2 for the dragon’s eyes). Use them to dry Easter eggs after dyeing.

Gift bags and wrapping paper: Re-gift your gift wrap. Make book covers. Cut out pictures for collages.

Junk mail: Re-use plain return envelopes. Take notes on the back side of letters with printing on only one side. Use “free” address labels from charities on your letters (I don’t like this “free gift” tactic, but I can’t bring myself to throw them away).

Magazines: Make children’s crafts (collages and stories). Decoupage a cardboard tissue box. Use them as gift wrap.

Plastic bags: Pick up after the dog. Use it as packing material when you mail boxes.

Tissue boxes: Make children’s crafts (2 for “animal” shoes or monster hands). Use them as containers for small parts, batteries, odds-and-ends.

Toilet paper rolls: Make children’s crafts (people and animals).

What are your favorite household recycling ideas?

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