A thankful day

Thanksgiving is a day that celebrates the good things in our lives – our family, our friends, our health, our home. I think it’s especially important to be thankful during tough times.

Let’s take a few moments to think about Thanksgiving. It’s not about having the things we want – it’s appreciating the things we already have.

Here are three Thanksgiving traditions that you can share with your families. After all, it just takes one year to start making new Thanksgiving traditions.

* A surprise thank-you. Choose someone you know who works hard, but who doesn’t always get a lot of thanks. It could be your mail delivery person, a bus driver, or your favorite waiter or cashier, bank teller or librarian. On an ordinary day, surprise them with a drawing or card, cookies, or hand-picked flowers. Try not to spend more than $1; it’s about showing your appreciation, not the gift itself.

* Thankful tree. Draw a tree trunk on a large piece of cardboard (from an appliance box) or poster board; or use a real indoor tree. Cut out shapes of leaves, flowers, nuts, or fruits; use tags or even ribbons. Everyone should write down at least one thing they are thankful for, and hang it on the tree.

* Thankful bowl. Find a plain, simple bowl. Ask each person to write down what they are thankful for on a piece of paper; or choose a small token that has meaning for them (a button, a leaf, a flower, a picture). Pass the thankful bowl around the table, so that everyone can put something inside the bowl and share what they are thankful for. Then set the bowl in the middle of the table as you eat. (This idea was adapted from Chinaberry’s Thanksgiving Bowl)

What are you thankful for? How can we be thankful year-round?

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