Getting from “no” to “not yet”

I’m not a Republican. I’m not a Democrat. I’m not affiliated with any political party. But I have to ask…

What’s wrong with being the party of “no”?

“No” is what our parents told us when we wanted to spend $200 on trendy sneakers but they had to buy groceries… “No” is what we tell ourselves when we want to buy a new car but have to pay the rent… “No” is what we tell our kids when they want the latest gadget but we have to pay the bills…

Saying “no” is not easy. In fact, let’s make sure that government has the power to say “yes” in the first place. Is it constitutional? Can we afford it? Will it solve the problem? Do we even understand the proposed “solution”?

Maybe Republicans need to change their strategy. Instead of being the party of “no” – why not embrace the party of “not yet”!

“Not yet” – I don’t understand the bill, can you explain it? “Not yet” – I don’t think we can pay for it, let’s go through those numbers again. “Not yet” – why don’t we try this instead?

More legislators should say “not yet.” Not all laws are necessary, and if it’s a good, well-written law, it shouldn’t be rushed. What do you think?

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