9 ways to celebrate books

October is National Book Month, a celebration of good books, great authors, and enthusiastic readers. It’s probably not as well-known as Read Across America in March, but as an ardent reader, I’ll take any excuse to promote reading and talk about books.

Reading starts at home, and the National Book Foundation offers these five suggestions for getting your family involved:

1. Introduce literature into family game night. Try “Charades” or “Win, Lose, or Draw” with book titles!

2. Take family field trips to the local library. Everyone must check out at least one book.

3. Start a family reading night. Set aside one night to read and discuss a book.

4. Recreate scenes from your favorite book. Draw your own book covers or illustrate memorable scenes.

5. Read to your children every night. Set aside just 20 minutes a day, and before you know it, that’s 120 hours a year – five full days spent reading!

There are also some great tips for teachers to celebrate reading in school. Here are my favorites:

1. Start a classroom door art competition. Each class can decorate their door based on a book. Classrooms could win a pizza party or more books for the library.

2. Write letters to your favorite authors. The authors may even write back!

3. Launch a book swap meet. Students can bring in books they have already read and exchange them with books brought in by other students.

4. Have a reading recess. Convert one of the school recesses each day to independent reading time or impromptu book discussions.

What are your favorite books? Do you share them with your family and friends? How will you celebrate National Book Month?

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2 Comments on “9 ways to celebrate books”

  1. I’m not a teacher and I don’t have kids, but I might start following these suggestions just the same. I’ve always wanted to write letters to my favorite authors but have never gotten around to it. Maybe it’s time now!

    • I love your enthusiasm, booksandboston! I also like to check my favorite authors’ websites and see if they offer signed bookplates or even bookmarks (with SASE). It’s exciting to find my return envelope in the mail.

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