The truth lies in tea

Mark Twain once said, “If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.”

Did you know that there are companies who help and even encourage you tell lies? provides alibis and excuses for absences and “a variety of sensitive issues,” while offers professional job references to help you get the job you want. Don’t get any ideas!

Last month, KHON2 News reported “Honest Tea tests Hawaii residents’ honesty.” They revealed that a company called Honest Tea set up an unmanned pop-up store in Honolulu to see if people would pay a dollar for a drink based on the honor system.

“Last year you guys did great — we did a downtown location and a Waikiki location and Hawaii was 93% honest overall,” said Kristin Duzmal of Honest Beverages marketing. This year, Hawaii came in at an amazing 99.9%.

Like the honor-back books at our public libraries, good Samaritans who return lost wallets, and donation boxes on store counters, some people and companies run on the belief that most people are honorable and fair.

Let’s challenge ourselves. Let’s live our lives expecting that people will be honest and deal with us fairly.

Are you an honest person? Has a random act of honesty affected your life?

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