3 ideas for photo creativity

I really enjoy being creative with photographs. I’ve designed photo invitations and fun holiday cards, created candy bar and macadamia nuts cans wrappers as party favors, and written short photo books for my son.

For the holidays, I’d like to share some of my favorite ways to have fun with photos. I did all of these photo projects on a computer with photo editing software, but if you’re a scrapbook enthusiast you can print photos and do everything on paper, adding color and embellishments.


1. Expressive faces: Babies have such expressive faces, and their moods can change so fast. When my son was 3 months old, I took pictures of him up-close. In no time at all, he looked happy, surprised, upset, tired, and more. I chose the six best expressions, used Adobe Photoshop to create a collage, and then made t-shirts to give to my parents. When my son was almost four years old, I took updated pictures, and let him mug for the camera.

2. A year of faces: Every year for my son’s birthday, I create an 8”x10” 12-month photo collage. I choose 12 photos, one for each month, and crop the photos to show just his face. I place the 2” photo squares along the sides and bottom of the collage. For the center of the collage, I choose a recent 4”x6” full-body shot photo. It’s a great way to see how kids’ faces change during the year. For birthdays, you can even order poster-size prints to hang on the wall.

3. Photo story books: When I was a kid, I loved books that were personalized with my name and the people I knew. I thought it would be even better for my son to see himself in a book! So when he was three years old, I re-wrote a nursery rhyme and changed it to “Ten Little Brians.” I chose ten action-shot photos, cropped out the background, and duplicated his pictures. I made a photo book (Shutterfly and Snapfish did a good job with paperback and hardcover books) and also turned it into an 8”x10” poster print. My son loved it! You can start with fairy tales and nursery rhymes, or write your own stories.

How do you have fun with photos? I’d love to see your creative photo projects!

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