A plea for better grammar in texts

Texting is everywhere. We all see people sitting, standing, or walking with their heads down, their hands clutched around a small object, their fingers moving quickly. We all see other people (and are sometimes guilty of it ourselves) ignoring Hawaii’s beautiful scenery, the people they are with, the people around them, and even traffic. 

Forget, for a moment, how texting encourages us to be rude and how it can make us oblivious to danger.

Is texting encouraging us to be illiterate?

With all of the acronyms, abbreviations, cute spellings, misspellings, lack of capitalization, and missing punctuation, it seems that our writing skills are slipping away. It’s even easier to loosen up on grammar rules because pidgin is so common and accepted in Hawaii.

On one hand, Penn State researchers claim that texting leads to declining language and grammar skills.

On the other hand, Scholastic reports that texting can help kids become better spellers because it helps them read and encourages them to play around with words.

Whether or not you text, I’d like to make a plea for better grammar in texts. Please…

* Use capitals when you start a sentence and type names. Even easier: turn on the auto-capitalization.
* Add punctuation! Let us know you’re done with a sentence.
* Avoid uncommon acronyms and abbreviations. You might save time typing it, but they probably waste time deciphering it.
* Resist cute spellings like 2nte, gr8, and l8r (unless you’re a kid; maybe even if you’re a kid).
* Check your spelling. But be suspicious of spell-check (just check out DamnYouAutoCorrect.com).

Do you have texting pet peeves? How do you like to communicate best – via text, phone, email, video, or face-to-face?

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