“You’re Only Human” by The Gecko

You're Only Human

There are a lot of geckos living in my house, but they are not good conversationalists. None of them are as charming and articulate as The Gecko, who disarmed me with this introduction to his book:

“I’m supposed to say something here that will make you want to read my book… Well, to my knowledge, this is the first book ever written and illustrated by a gecko. So by reading it, you’ll become part of history, especially if it ends up on the bestseller list.”

“You’re Only Human: A Guide to Life” (2013) written and illustrated by The Gecko, the Geico mascot and spokeslizard, offers “some inspiration as you make your way through life. Or at the very least, provides you with a bit of entertainment in the loo” (page 4). It’s eclectic, amusing, and a quick read.

The Gecko’s writing is witty, down-to-earth, and humorous, skipping from adaptation, curiosity, and effective spaceship captains, to manners, pie and chips, and top secret billion-dollar inventions. There are colorful and funny illustrations (I especially like the sauces Venn diagram, green celebrities by height, and The Thinker — boxers or briefs?).

On talking animals: “The bigger question is, what do you have to say worth listening to?”

On dreaming big: “Dreams are like a pair of trousers. They should be a size or two larger than you need so you can grow into them” (even if you show your bum).

On work: “The trick is to find that one thing you love more than anything else. And make that your profession” (though no one will pay you for eating jam and biscuits).

On inspiration: “Walk softly and carry a big notebook. When inspiration strikes, make sure you capture it.”

On GPS: “Sometimes not knowing exactly where you are can lead to great adventures. So be open to getting lost on occasion.”

On tattoos: “They’re permanent.”

To read an interview with The Gecko, visit http://www.geiconow.com/gecko-co/interview-with-the-gecko/. For more information about the book, or to watch the book trailer, visit http://www.geico.com/information/publications/gecko-book/.

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