Fill your bucket with achievements and kindness

On Hawaii radio, there’s a commercial from Hospice Hawaii that talks about living our last days with dignity and purpose, and asking what’s on our bucket list (#BucketListHI). It reminds us to live each day to the fullest and live without regrets.

There are other websites that help you create and track your life goals, such as, where you can also read others’ success stories; and, where you can also swap services and thank people who have helped you. And if you need a gift for someone who is working on their bucket list, get inspired by Bucket List Journey’s “12 Unique & Practical Gifts for the Bucket List Traveler.”

While this bucket is filled with things you want to achieve, there is another bucket that may be even more important, and what matters is how you fill it every day – not just at the end of your days. When you’re thinking about all the things you wish you had done, think about all the things that you have done – and that people have done for you.

A few months ago, my 7-year old son and I read “How Full is Your Bucket? For Kids” by Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer. It’s the story of a boy named Felix, whose grandfather teaches him that everyone has an invisible bucket of water over their heads. It can be filled by kind actions and reduced by mean actions.

I asked my son to write about how full his bucket is in his daily journal. He was a little skeptical about the invisible buckets, but he took the time to think about how he felt each day, and why. Some days he doesn’t offer an explanation for his (arbitrary) measurement, but when he does, it makes me smile.

My bucket was infinity% full

Good food, good health, and playing games (on screen and with others) seem to make him happy. Here are some of his journal bucket entries:

* “My bucket was 49% full. Today we had no P.E.”
* “My bucket was infinity% full because I got tons of candy when I went trick or treating!” [Halloween]
* “My bucket is 59% full because I got glow sticks from the Fall Festival and I played sword fight with (my friend).”
* “My bucket is 32% full. Today I was kind of sick. I sneezed 30 times.”
* “My bucket is 66% full because on Minion Rush I unlocked Minion Grandpa and got more wood on Minecraft.”
* “My bucket is 99% full because I loved the fried rice that Dad made for lunch, I got a whole bag of Recess, Kit Kats, and M&Ms, Dad made awesome chow mein, and I had fun with (my cousins).” [Thanksgiving]

When was the last time your bucket was 100% full? Or 110% full? Is your bucket filled with kindness or filled with things you wish you could do?

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