Best books of 2013

Best Books of 2013

Sometimes all we need are loving family, good friends, great books, and chocolate. I can at least help with the “great books” part!

This year has been filled with hilarious children’s books and amazing novels. Here are some of the best books I’ve read this year:

Best weird and hilarious children’s books (grades 1-3):
* “My Weird School” series by Dan Gutman and illustrated by Jim Paillot – about a boy who hates school and has to cope with a know-it-all girl, a teacher who doesn’t know anything, and an accident-prone principal (my 6 year old son loves this series, which continues in the “My Weird School Daze” and “My Weirder School” series; librarians everywhere will love Mrs. Roopy!)

Best “I will survive” young adult fantasy:
* “Vessel” by Sarah Beth Durst – about the greater good, trust, and self-determination

Best innocence-charms-the-predators urban fantasy:
* “Written in Red” by Anne Bishop – about inner strength, freedom, experiencing the world, and family, in a world where “Human Law Does Not Apply”

Best deeply emotional, runs with Death and madness werewolf fantasy:
* Silver” by Rhiannon Held – about descending into madness to cope with trauma, seeing someone as they are, and true leadership

Best choose adjectives high-octane, sword-wielding, crazy dangerous fantasy:
* “The Third Kingdom” by Terry Goodkind – about the reason vs. slavery, free will vs. prophecy, the balance of life and death, and choosing your future

Best dystopian, dark side of superheroes science fiction adventure:
* “Steelheart” by Brandon Sanderson – about absolute power corrupting absolutely, the price of fighting for freedom, and finding a purpose

Best sword-wielding, demon mask influencing urban and historical fantasy:
* “Year of the Demon” by Steve Bein – about duty vs. honor, choosing the hard path, committing to a course of action (vs. over-thinking), and justice vs. the law

Best hilarious father-and-son Star Wars graphic comic:
* “Darth Vader and Son” by Jeffrey Brown – about fatherhood, frustration, and 4-year old boys

Best glimpse into an elementary school classroom in Hawaii:
* “Teacher, You Look Like a Horse! Lessons From the Classroom” (2003) by Frances H. Kakugawa – about a love of children, reading, and poetry

Best up-beat and down-to-earth guide to life:
* “You’re Only Human: A Guide to Life” (2013) written and illustrated by The Gecko – about money, work, manners, pie and chips, and the secrets of the universe

Have a Happy New Year and remember to make books a part of every day!

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