Three questions for political candidates

Election - 3 Questions

The Hawaii primary election is just days away on August 9. Taxpayers, residents, reporters, and moderators are asking a lot of questions. Instead of coming up with a comprehensive list of questions, I’ve distilled all my questions down to just three. They are simple and straight-forward, but not easy.


Here are the three questions I would like to ask our political candidates and elected board members:


1. If elected, what three things do you plan to accomplish?

The three goals tell me candidates’ priorities and values. I’m looking for people who are entering politics as a public service – not as a career.


2. What specific actions will you take to accomplish those goals?

Their action plans tell me how much thought candidates have put into their objectives –to be good stewards of our money and resources. I’m looking for people who will spend taxpayer money as if it were coming out of their own bank accounts.


3. Why are you the better candidate to realize those goals?

Their reasons for being elected tell me their background, job qualifications, and skills. I’m looking for people with work experience outside a nonprofit or university — especially small business owners who know how hard it is to start a business and meet payroll.


What questions would you like to ask the candidates? How would you answer these questions? The Hawaii primary election is days away. How will you vote?

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