8 Minecraft life lessons

Minecraft Life Lessons

You awake alone in a new world. You can explore your world, but you must find food and shelter before night falls. To survive, you must defend yourself against monsters and wild animals. To thrive, you must dig for resources and craft tools and weapons. Welcome to the world of Minecraft.

My 8-year old son loves the game Minecraft. Peering over his shoulder, I couldn’t understand why. I’m more of a Tetris, Scrabble, Candy Crush game player myself. But I made a deal with him with summer and tried Minecraft for the first time.

It gave me a headache.

But it helped me appreciate why he likes the game so much. As I soared over this strange world, I realized that it was teaching him more than just hand-eye coordination.

Here are 8 life lessons we can learn from Minecraft:

1. We control our future. We are born (spawned, if you will) with everything we need to succeed in a new world.

2. We must plan what we need – and prioritize. In survival mode, we must find the basics (food and shelter) before night. We can follow crafting recipes to create new items, but we must have all of the raw materials. In creative mode, we can use our imagination to build mansions, roller coasters, entire cities, and more.

3. The world is endless. Our lives are full of beauty – and danger. It’s easy to get lost unless you have a reference point.

4. The world has limited resources. In survival mode, we have to conserve our natural resources (trees and metals), plant crops (such as wheat and apples), and manage livestock (sheep, chickens, pigs, and cows).

5. Friends are important. Tame a wolf, and it will be loyal and attack our enemies. Tame an ocelot, and it will help us ward creepers away. Tame a horse, and we can saddle and ride it.

6. If we don’t have it, we can barter for it. We can trade with villagers or ask other players for what we need.

7. We must police ourselves. We can steal items from villagers’ houses or even harm villagers – and there is no police to stop us. We must decide what is right and wrong for ourselves.

8. Everything can be used. Nothing is wasted. We use natural resources to build, and if we break down something, it goes back into inventory – it can be recycled, reused, or repurposed.

What video games did you enjoy as a kid? Looking back, what do you think they taught you? What games to you play today?

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4 Comments on “8 Minecraft life lessons”

  1. kemek78 Says:

    I really loved your blog it was very inspiring. I have minecraft and they just updated to 1.8 I think you should try it. 🙂

  2. kemek78 Says:

    Oh and come to my blog for tips and tricks on Minecraft and Pixel Gun 3D

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