Artful Hawaii logos

Most company logos are designed to be read quickly and easily, with fonts and graphics convey a sense of the company’s stability, trustworthiness, or creativity. A few logos go beyond function, invoking emotions, ingenuity, and visual interest.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate some of the Hawaii companies whose logos combine business and art.

Note: This is not an endorsement of the companies, products, or services; it’s an appreciation of their logo design.

HILife and the Hawaiian Legacy Rainforest cleverly incorporate the outline of the Hawaiian Islands in their logos. HILife arranges the Hawaiian Islands as the branches of a tree, while Hawaiian Legacy Rainforest envisions the Hawaiian Islands as the toes of a foot.

Logo Art - Hawaii

Mālama Maunalua and the 2014 Hawaii Visitor Industry Charity Walk cleverly use letters and words to convey their mission. The “MM” of Mālama Maunalua’s logo features ocean life silhouettes, and Hawaii Visitor Industry Charity Walk’s slipper features inspiring messages, such as “Put your best slippah forward” and “Ohana.”

Logo Art - Words

The logos for Hawaiian Airlines, Island Slipper, Cake Works, and Kōloa Rum Co. invoke a sense of nostalgia. Hawaiian Airlines’ logo features a woman with a hibiscus in her hair, her face turned towards and part of a leaf, in bold colors. Island Slipper’s logo shows Diamond Head, coconut trees, and a red-sailed canoe. In Cake Works’ logo, a woman showcases a cake (naturally). Kōloa Rum’s logo features a finely-detailed drawing of a plantation house surrounded by coconut trees.

Logo Art - Nostalgia

Down to Earth, Tropical Gardens of Maui, and ’I’iwi Kona Coffee Co. have turned their logos into small works of art. Down to Earth’s logo features crates of fresh fruit, with Diamond Head in the background. Tropical Gardens of Maui shows Maui’s mountain ranges bordered by colorful plumeria and hibiscus. ’I’iwi’s earth-tones logo shows the spread wings of the endangered ’i’iwi bird, wings outstretched, to form a pearl or moon above a red plant with green leaves.

Logo Art - Artistic

I also like the Great Aloha Run’s fun, frenetic logo with bright colors and energetic lines; and Waimea Valley’s breezy, free-flowing logo, with its subdued colors, mountains that form a subtle “W,” white sail, and swirling ocean.

Logo Art - Misc

What do you like about your favorite business or organization logos? Which logos do you consider classic or iconic?

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