What pets are really thinking

Pets' Thoughts

“My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am.” (Author Unknown)

October is for the dogs. This month, the American Humane Society is celebrating Adopt-a-Dog Month and the ASPCA is promoting Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.

In Hawaii, the Hawaiian Humane Society is celebrating Love a Dog Month and Make a Difference for Animals Week. On Oahu alone, there are over 300 animals being sheltered at the Humane Society on any given day and they need loving homes. Remember to choose the dog – or pet – that’s right for you, your lifestyle, and your budget.

On behalf of dogs and all our pets, I’d like to share some humorous glimpses into their thoughts…

Rules of being a DOG:
* If it smells good, I’ll stare at you with sad puppy eyes.
* If it falls on the floor, I’ll eat it.
* If the car window is open, I’ll stick my head out.
* If the door is open, I’ll run for it.
* If there’s a stranger, I’ll bark, bark, bark.

Decrees for people who belong to CATS:
1. When I stare at you, you must blink.
2. When I am hungry, you must feed me.
3. When I am sleeping, you must go away.
4. When I ignore you, you must beg for my attention.
5. When I want it, you must give it to me.

What BUNNIES dream:
* I may look cute, but I have the heart of a warrior!
* I may look cuddly, but I want to rule the world.

What BIRDS are really thinking:
* I can fly!
* I know you think my feathers are beautiful.
* I’m as free as a bird! Wait…

What FISH wish they could tell us:
* My tank is too small.
* Stop shining a light in my eyes when I am sleeping.
* Keep the cat away from me!

The secret MICE don’t want you to know:
* We are running complex experiments on you.

Do you have a pet now – or want to adopt one? How are pets a part of your family?


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3 Comments on “What pets are really thinking”

  1. aloha Rachelle, enjoyed your thoughtful blog. We’re a group of Hawaii seniors who started a website to share our islands, and recently put together an e-magazine (saves trees). Adults seem to like the pictorial of Hawaii scenery, and keikis may enjoy the island tour from a puppy’s perspective.

    The ebook is entitled “A Dog’s Life in Hawaii” and is free for the downloading from our website at http://www.alohaforseniors.com/blog
    There’s a PDF option, but the iBook version for those who can view on an Apple device has bonus content (direct link to YouTube videos of a puppy easter egg hunt and bedtime bed fluffing to a lullaby). Hope that some of your readers find this holiday giveaway fun, mahalo!

    • Hi Jennie, Thank you for sharing your website and your fantastic ebook, “A Dog’s Life in Hawaii.” Rocky and his friends are charming. I really liked your blog post about intriguing inventions — I love the GreenBox pizza boxes! aloha, Rachelle

      • Wow, thanks for your kind encouragement. We’ve bookmarked your insightful blog and will visit often. Hopefully, with a little effort from all of us together, Hawaii will continue to shine globally as the unique jewel that it is. Take care!

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