Best books of 2014

Best Books 2014

This year has been filled with many wonderful books, with new and past worlds. Here are some of the best books I’ve read this year:

Best save the crows, change the future fantasy:
* “Murder of Crows” by Anne Bishop – about accepting people who are different, friendship, and learning that “every choice changes the future”

Best sword-wielding, follow your battle-song epic fantasy:
* “Blood Song” by Anthony Ryan – about loyalty, honor vs. obedience, and choosing your fate

Best house-hunting, home-healing, epic battle for a city fantasy:
* Cast in Flame” by Michelle Sagara – about making a difference, the power of names, the longing for home, family loyalty, and understanding who you are

Best save the universe without compromising your honor science fiction:
* “Heaven’s Queen” by Rachel Bach – about refusing to accept necessary evils, keeping your word, and the freedom to choose our future

Best one person against an empire science fiction:
* Ancillary Justice” and “Ancillary Sword” by Ann Leckie – about taking a stand against injustice, independent thought vs. collective thought, redemption, and gender neutrality

Best inspiring power-of-ideas childrens’ book:
* What Do You Do With An Idea?” by Kobi Yamada – about the courage to nurture your ideas

Best changing the way you approach problems nonfiction:
* Think Like a Freak: The Authors of ‘Freakonomics’ Offer to Retrain Your Brain” by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner – about redefining problems, ignoring artificial limits, and thinking like a child

Best “we gotta stick together” Hawaii fiction:
* “’Ewa Which Way” by Tyler Miranda – about brotherhood, responsibility vs. the longing to be free, choosing to act, and holding on to the good while letting go of the bad

Best finding your sacred purpose Hawaii historical fiction:
* “Kamehameha: The Rise of a King” by David Kāwika Eyre – a fictionalized account of a warrior, philosopher, leader, and role model for Hawaii’s children

Best remembering Pearl Harbor Hawaii historical nonfiction:
* “Pearl Harbor Child: A Child’s View of Pearl Harbor From Attack to Peace” (2001) by Dorinda Makanaonalani Nicholson – about

What books have made an impact on you? What books have inspired you to change your life? Please share your favorite books with us.

Happy reading and happy new year!

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