5 ideas to celebrate ice cream

Ice cream ideasMy favorite ice cream flavors are chocolate ice cream, chocolate ice cream with peanut butter, and Moose Tracks ice cream, which is really vanilla ice cream with ribbons of chocolate fudge and mini chocolate peanut butter cups. For me, it’s all about the chocolate.

So I was excited to learn that July is National Ice Cream Month. It’s a whole month to indulge in ice cream! And we celebrate National Ice Cream Day this week, on July 17, the third Sunday in July. Does this give us permission to eat ice cream for breakfast? I think so.

But we can’t spend the entire day eating ice cream, so here are 5 activities you can do to keep the ice cream theme alive:

* Indulge in ice cream. This month, you can enjoy your favorite ice cream guilt-free. Try a new flavor, add some mix-ins, or sprinkle on some toppings. Or make your own ice cream – wikiHow.com offers eight easy ways to make homemade ice cream, no matter how simple your kitchen (without an ice cream maker, in the freezer, using a freezer bag, and in a pot freezer).

* Reveal your flavor personality. Find out what your favorite ice cream flavor reveals about you in this fun guide by TheKitchn.com. Or make up your own quiz and ask your friends about their favorite flavors.

* Unfreeze the ice cream poet in you. Create an ice cream cone shape poem with this template from EnchantedLearning.com. Write about the joys of ice cream, a childhood memory, or eating ice cream for the first time.

* Reflect on yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Take a few minutes (while eating ice cream, of course) to think about what you learned yesterday, what you are thankful for today, and what you will accomplish tomorrow. You can turn your thoughts into a Sundae and color it with your favorite flavors using this free Sundae Reflections printable that I made, using clipart from Teaching Lane.

* Write a Sundae book report. Kids of all ages can download a free “Sundae Summary” book report created by Deb Hanson on TeachersPayTeachers.com. The setting and characters are the bananas; the three ice cream scoops are the beginning, middle, and end; and the theme is the cherry on top.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? If you don’t eat ice cream, what is your favorite frozen treat?

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