If children were in charge

Kids Vote

2016 has been an extraordinarily stressful election season. Usually, I vote on Election Day at my local polling place, where registration is quick and the room feels relaxed. This year, I voted early at Honolulu Hale: where there was a long, snaking line and serious people willing to spend over 30 minutes to vote.

In honor of Election Day, I’m sharing some thoughts and suggestions from my son over the years. This is just a glimpse of what our world could be like if children were in charge:

What would school be like if you were principal for a week?
Age 8: “If I was principal for [a] week I [would] get smart teachers and give students a little more work and harder work. I would also start school at 8:30 am and end at 3:30 pm because students don’t get enough time to work. Have 4 giant recycling bins so kids would recycle more because I see a lot of bottles around campus. We would also have to wear uniforms everyday except Wed. and Fri. I would also get back 6th grade, and have a class where the kids who don’t have friends get to know more about themselves. Also we would have to do book reports on the books we read, we would have to watch a 30 minute video and write 10 sentences about it, and we would have to jump ropes. These are all suggestions for [the principal].”

Are you too young to vote?
Age 9: “I’m too young to vote but… I’m not too young to know politics and make my own decisions. We have a right to vote. The government is trapping us in a cell, not letting us vote and learn life. I have a dream down in America kids are allowed to vote, right now the government is stopping kids, not letting us know about what America is, and it’s true meaning of freedom of peace.”

What would you do if you were President?
Age 9: “If I was President, I would honor all the educational creature shows, I would recognize them all, and put a recommendation on their channel! After that I [would] ask every scientific organization to see if they can make the teleporting and hyperspace theory! To my genius plan, I would create the “IMF,” cool right? The Impossible Mission Foundation will be an undercover spy organization, conquering national terrorist groups.”

What would you do if you were mayor of Honolulu?
Age 10: “Finish rail. Cut taxes by 10%. Fund programs for a better community.” What kind of programs would you create, I asked. “I would hold fundraisers to raise money for the community.”

Did you vote in the general election? Are you happy with your choices? Do you discuss politics and elections with your children?


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