Live like Wonder Woman

I love superhero movies. I enjoy the extraordinary superpowers (I would choose telekinesis as my power), the fight for justice, and the struggle of good vs. evil. And I revel in the movie “Wonder Woman” (2017), with its blend of sword-fighting, optimism, and humor.

Diana (Wonder Woman) is a role model and inspiration for our times. chooses to be part of the world, instead of keeping separate from it in a Fortress or Tower. She takes a stand when she sees suffering and wrong-doing, instead of waiting for someone else to take action. She chooses to believe that people can be strong and capable, instead of weak and misguided.

We need more Wonder Women in the world, and we have to find her in ourselves.

Here are five ways we can all live like Wonder Woman:

1. Choose your future. We can challenge and improve ourselves in ways that don’t hurt anyone else. Though Queen Hippolyta forbids the young Diana to train as a warrior, Diana chooses to become a warrior anyway. Diana doesn’t want to be coddled or protected; she wants to belong in Amazon society and she wants to have a purpose in life.

2. Value the truth. We can make important decisions based on the most accurate information at the time, instead of relying on emotion or opinion. The Amazons use the Lasso of Truth to question Steve Trevor, instead of killing him outright. Bound by the lasso, Steve cannot tell a lie, and in fact is compelled to tell the truth. Only then do the Amazons – and Diana – decide how to act.

3. Believe that people are worth saving. We can choose to help people because that is who we are, whether they deserve it or not. In many superhero movies, humans are either villains or innocent by-standers, but we rarely see them as complex or flawed. At first, Diana believes in the innate goodness of humans. Later, when she sees that humans can choose to be evil, and wonders if they deserve to be saved, Steve reminds her that “It’s not about ‘deserve.’ It’s about what you believe.” Wonder Woman believes in us.

4. Lead from the front. We can be role models, inspiring others to challenge themselves or fight for a cause. For most superheroes, humans are only there to be rescued or to act as a support team. Diana does not prevent others from fighting for what they believe in. She trusts humans to fight beside her, acknowledging their strength and integrity, because she knows that she can’t do it alone and it is everyone’s fight.

5. Make the world better. We can take a stand when we see suffering and wrong-doing. Time and again, Diana takes action when people tell her that it is not her fight, that she doesn’t have a voice in the discussion, that she is only one person against an army. And when she is told that she needs to ignore the suffering of the people right in front of her and focus on the biggest threats, Diana proves that you can make things better for individuals and society.

How do you live like Wonder Woman?

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